• Growing Up Bonobo: Photographer Marian Brickner

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    (16:00, 2015) by Bonobo Video (Tom Weinberg FITV & Skip Blumberg MAM)
    An upbeat short about an endangered species, and the inspired photographer who loves them. A long work day staked out in the Jacksonville Zoo, observing the promiscuous primates, the ogling zoo-goers, and the dedicated staff i...

  • Anacostia Watercolor
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    Anacostia Watercolor

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    (2018, 1:16)
    Recorded at Anacostia Wharf, Washington, DC, April 21, 2018. The hypnotic short begins with an artistic landscape. With patience the astute viewer can figure out the compelling special effect, with the ultimate reward a short fulfilling art experience and sensual delight.
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